eCommerce Technology Stack

Customized business & reporting dashboards enable real-time flow of information increasing efficiency.

Sales Dashboards

Sales and Operations dashboard will summarizes all sales, inventory and product details by channels/warehouse while giving you the ability to breakdown into more detail with just an additional click.

Inventory Management

It is all about smart and accurate sourcing of the products either it’s a purchase or just allocating stocks for a particular channel. Suggest what, when, how much and for which warehouse to purchase at any given point in time by considering historical purchase, sales, aging, stock in hand and campaign requirements. Reduce the complexity of managing inventory across channels. EZCommerce centralizes all inventory in one dashboard and makes it accessible to all parties involved. Systemized & automated inventory sync ensures sales are optimized in every channel.

Synchronizing Stocks

Our system synch inventory with all third-party warehouse solutions/ or manual allocation and integrates real time with all the online shops so that your business never over or under sells a product.

Threshold & PO

Thresholds, Deal Maker & Purchase Order enables optimized ordering to ensure overstocking is minimized if not eliminated. Threshold lets you know per SKU basis how much stock should you be holding for an set timeframe. Deal Maker lets you know if the specific SKU is running on a campaign or promotion. Purchase Order takes into consideration both Deal Maker & Threshold before ordering thus minimizing overstocking.

Order fulfillment

Synchronizes all the orders into a single place and keep track of what order has been fulfilled and which orders are under process.

Pricing engine

Compares online prices and suggest best price to sell. Always be up-to-date with what your competition is doing.


Our system is constantly learning and based on historical data will suggest what is likely chances of certain things occurring. It covers very exciting and detailed dashboards around sales, inventory, orders, campaigns but also do predictive analysis

360 view of the product

Create product contents once in system and synchs all your product contents to all your online shops. Gives you detail scoring of the product from sales, inventory, feedback and overall scoring of the product. Based on this information our system provides the cost, review and pricing trends to marketers on what would be the future outlook of the product.


with all the major far east marketplaces like Lazada, 11Street, Shopee, Lelong etc

CRM Integration

All the orders/customer requests are automatically synched to our CRM solution where you can smartly interact with the customer and reactively or proactively engage with the customers.

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